… We love them nearly as much as shoes & we wanted to make something that we would personally use.
Our first port of call had to be with our dear friend Aisha who has her own luxury bag brand HILLS & WEST as we are partnering on the bags which will be LORDIS by HILLS & WEST.  We had talked for some time about creating a collection together and set out on our journey to produce something truly unique and gregarious but soft and beautiful. Well, it didn’t take long for us all to decide on re-producing the Morgan 3in1 backpack (a pattern Aisha had developed herself) in some pretty special leathers! And so it began…
Firstly, let me say Jenn & I had no experience in the art of making bags. However, we knew what we liked and we were in great hands with Aisha who has spent time in Italy learning the craft. These HAD to be special and we were going to be BRAVE.
Our creative process started with Pinterest & moved on to agreeing the backpack & then an oversized envelope clutch. BUT these had to be striking & we wanted to push the boundaries. So we came up with two colour palates, grey, blue & our signature rose gold for the back pack & Lime green, fuscia pink & rose gold for the oversized envelope clutch.
We found the leathers we liked. Great – we are sorted?!
Or maybe not….. Remember we said we would be brave? Well let’s just say we had to pull it back a bit when we saw the initial sample. We knew we had the bones of two really special bags that just needed some tweaking (well quite a bit actually but then what are samples for?).
We are incredibly proud & genuinely excited about revealing these. It has been a long time coming and we hope you can appreciate the love, time and care poured over these bags. They are meant for you gorgeous, that fun, playful side thats just bursting to get out and express itself. Enjoy being fabulous.
Gems, Jenn & Aisha x